Sunday 1 May 2011

Happy Easter 2011 and XPONIA ΠOΛΛA from the Chios Assoc.

Dear fellow supporters, family, friends and loved ones

The Chios Association UK wishes you all a very happy and well rested Easter 2011. Let us be mindful of all the difficulties the world faces at the moment. We pray that peace is found in Africa and that Japan will be able to rebuild itself after such a devastating natural disaster.

Xristos Anesti


Saturday 19 February 2011

A Musical Awakening

Over the next year, the Chios Association UK are proud to be sharing a fine collection of vintage Greek music digitised from 101 old and original 78 rpm vinyl records for your pleasure.

Artists in this wonderful collection include Sofia Vembo, Stella Greka, Rita Abatzi, Maria Karela, Stellakis Georgakapoulos and Spyros Stamos.

To listen please use the Soundcloud player to your right and keep an eye out on Chios Association Social Media channels for new record updates.

The C.A. would like to thank an anonymous benefactor for these tracks. We wish you well kind sir

Monday 7 February 2011

Hellenic Engineers Society - 2011 Annual Dinner and Dance

This weekend I was honoured to attend the 16th annual event held by the Hellenic Engineers Society at the glamorous Dorchester Hotel in London. The Society was originally formed in 1995 with an aim to nurture and promote professional and social contact amongst its members. Not only this, but the Society is a continual and ever present tribute to the Hellenic heritage of shipping that dates back 4,000 years.

With over 400 people in attendance (over 20 nationalities were present), it is indicative that Greek shipping in 2011 is a thriving, multicultural trade at the heart of Hellenic society. Representatives from across the industry including engineers, naval architects, owners, brokers, lawyers and -of course- philanthropists bore witness to a night of speeches, fine cuisine, dancing and of course a lavish raffle with prizes including city breaks to Vegas, an iPad and vintage Dom Perignon.

President Dimitris Monioudis opened the night with an excellent speech and we at the Chios Association wish him and the Society all the successes it deserves. We look forward to attending next year and welcome the Hellenic Engineers to our next event.

God speed,

Anna Dontas Frangeskides
Chios Association UK

Have a look at Chris Renton's photographs from the weekend and see what you are missing! Reception Dinner Dancing

Wednesday 12 January 2011

The Chios Association Needs You!

Beloved followers of our cause, friends and family.

We at the C.A. wish you a wonderful new year 2011. This year, our fourth now, promises to be one of great importance as we look ahead to centralise our efforts particularly with our US families, reinventing ways to put our message out there and to secure and support the good work we have already started.

In a bid to be more socially aware online, the C.A. is not only recruiting volunteers to enhance and develop our message here in the UK; but also those who are willing to put in some time blogging, communicating and connecting with Chians, Hellenics and others worldwide are gratefully welcomed.

Our aim this year is to be more involved and networked online. If you think you have what it takes (a big heart and some knowhow) then please get in touch.

Of course there will be our 4th annual UK event, which promises to be our best yet, and we look forward to another year of strong collaborations with our partners and members to make it a huge success (a Battle of Bands perhaps? this space)

May you have the year you deserve.

With love

Anna Dontas Frangeskides


The Chios Association UK